Why am I here?

Okay, here we go…

I live in Brazil, and I travel a lot. Really a lot. Recently, UN.Gift (UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking) has launched a campaign to help fight trafficking, which touched me so deeply, so emotionally, and so shockingly, that I decided to do whatever I can do to help and support the fight against Human Trafficking.

This is my first real blog (apart from a couple of travel stories for friends), and I have no clue yet. But I hope that soon you will find a lot of links, info and more here, that will show you what you can do. Something that will open your eyes, about trafficking that happens even in our wonderful, pretty world out there.

Human Trafficking is closer than you think. Certainly closer to all our lives, than the standard stereotype of a young, asian prostitute from a poor countrie’s poorest region. It is happening everywhere. And we gotta make sure it stops.

Let’s put an end to modern day slavery.

About Lilly
...trying to make a difference. That's all.

2 Responses to Why am I here?

  1. Regina says:

    Kris, I am looking forward to read your posts. This is a topic that is not really covered by the media.

    • krisenkindt says:

      Oi Regina! Thank you for your comment! The first comment ever on my blog, hehehe.
      I hope you will enjoy what I am posting, and that there is some new info in it for you.
      Keep reading, stay aware! 🙂
      Abs. Krisenkind

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