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Lets be honest…

Okay, lets be honest. As much as I am interested in the cause of human trafficking and modern day slavery, and hoping that, may it be just a tiny little thingy, I could do something about it. But really, I am not yet far enough in the topic, and simply do not know enough to give you more than regular updates on content that others have created.

Admittedly, I am a little frustrated with that. I am not creating content as much as I am leading you towards it through a small introduction and a link. But than again, it is better than nothing, right?

However, I have chosen to open this blog up for a little other and different stuff. For anything that comes to my mind, really. Cause in my understanding, blogging is about sharing you knowledge and your thougths as well as it is about leading people to information they may have always needed but never found.

Thus, from now on, you will find more category pages on this blog, from things that are about me and my thoughts, as well as interesting stuff that I stumble across my daily internet use, and of course, the whole reason I started the blog: How everyone can do his share about human trafficking.

I really hope that this way I can get a little better in sharing things that might interest you, and keeping up your readership.

Thanks for reading. As always.

Why am I here?

Okay, here we go…

I live in Brazil, and I travel a lot. Really a lot. Recently, UN.Gift (UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking) has launched a campaign to help fight trafficking, which touched me so deeply, so emotionally, and so shockingly, that I decided to do whatever I can do to help and support the fight against Human Trafficking.

This is my first real blog (apart from a couple of travel stories for friends), and I have no clue yet. But I hope that soon you will find a lot of links, info and more here, that will show you what you can do. Something that will open your eyes, about trafficking that happens even in our wonderful, pretty world out there.

Human Trafficking is closer than you think. Certainly closer to all our lives, than the standard stereotype of a young, asian prostitute from a poor countrie’s poorest region. It is happening everywhere. And we gotta make sure it stops.

Let’s put an end to modern day slavery.