I bought new Domains.

Soon, I will be available in German with even more cool stuff!

I will publish the domains here, as soon as they are accepted! 🙂

Oh, I am sooooo excited!

Mango Chicken Salad Wrap

I am on my way to class, so this is a crappy receipe write up (sorry) but it’ll do cause its really easy.

Remember my real blog moved here http://www.krisenkindt.com

So in case anyone wants to make it:

need (depending on amount of people you need to judge):
fresh ginger
1 mango
2 chickenbreast
1 cup soysauce
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
salt pepper
salad leaves
2-3 cups plain yoghurt

Chopp up everything except the salad, cashews, ginger, chili and garlic into the standard normal, easy-to-mouth pieces.
Salad leaves & cashews stay as they are and the ginger, chili and garlic needs to be chopped really fine.

1) Mix yoghurt with a bit of salt, pepper and a clove of garlic, set aside so the garlic can spread.
2) Head a pan with a bit of oil and put the onions, chili, the rest of the garlic and the cut chicken breast in and let it heat up and take some nice brown colour, add pepper
3) Mix ginger and mango in a big bowl and mix
4) Go back to your pan and pour soysauce over the chicken (enough so all of it get some when stirring, but does not need to be covered) and let it simmer until the chicken is done.
5) Add the chicken mix to the mango mix and toss all together, taste if it misses soysauce
6) Roast cashwes just quickly and without adding oil and pour them on top.
7) Serve the bowl, and the yoghurt and the leaves separately so everyone can build its own wrap: A spoon of mango-chicken and a bit of yoghurt on the leave, roll it up and done 🙂

Its a mess though… you might want to consider eating it outside in the garden/ on the balcony 😀