As profitable as Drug Trade – Child Trafficking in China

“Experts estimate that between 30,000 and 60,000 babies, children and adolescents disappear each year. They are kidnapped and then sold, often ending up as slaves in workshops and brickworks, or being forced to work in brothels.”

Spiegel Online, the online version of the German weekly magazine SPIEGEL, published an article today about Chinas “Child Trafficking Epidemic”. It was written by Andreas Lorenz, who is in Beijing, and published as part of the international section, thus in english.

Andreas Lorenz describes how child trafficking works in the country side and small towns of China (really, if a Policeman says “There is a children’s market in the town of Tanshan,” it really seems like all is lost) and links it to the corruption present in the country.

Below you find the first paragraph and the link. Please give it a read.

“Human trafficking, including stealing and selling children, is widespread in China. The police are almost powerless to stop it, and corruption facilitates the trade. Desperate parents are joining forces to search for their sons and daughters. But their efforts are usually unsuccessful.

Guo Gangtang sells dried pumpkin gourds in Beijing’s Yiwu City shopping center. The yellow containers are imprinted with historic figures, fairies or aphorisms — designs his wife finds on the Internet.” […],1518,696129,00.html