Global Human Trafficking News Roundup (May 21, 2010)

Youngbee Dale publishes a  regular Global Human Traffic News collection on the webpage. She sorted it by country, and you will be surprised to find that this topic needs to be taken seriously all over the world.

Youngbee Dale is a graduate from Regent University, where she has completed Master’s degree in International Politics. She has co-contributed to the anti-human trafficking publication, “Setting the Captives Free” by Olivia McDonald in 2007. She also interned at World Bank in D.C. and worked for trafficking victims and migrant workers in South Korea. (source:

You can find her News Roundup from May 21, 2010 here:
All other News Roundups can be found when you click on her name and thus publish all her articles and entries, or in the right column in her recent entries.