That’s me

So, uhm, I guess you want to know more about me. Well, what to tell you? What do you want to know?

I am a geek. And I am okay with it. Yet, this is my first blog.
I call places home easily, which makes me call Germany (since always), Canada (since 2002), Spain (since always, but really since 2007) and now Brazil (since 2009) my home. That’s all the countries I have really lived in.
I studied Marketing and International Management, and in my MBA I focused on Entrepreneurship.
I coached exchange students, now I coach young entrepreneurs for their business plans. I seem to like coaching.
I work with farmers and spend a lot of time on the field in the sun.
I love travelling because it is where I learn the most. I even travel alone.
I am addicted to music. Really addicted. I am always singing, I play the saxophone, the piano and I wish I played the guitar.
I also seem to be addicted to Twitter and I can tell you: It hit faster than I would have imagined.
I am a very honest person. Many people cannot take it. That’s okay, too.
I am smiley and almost always happy and in a good mood. Thats why people call me Sunshine. Actually, scratch the “almost”.
I am super clumsy. Some people call me Ooopsie.
I love TV and Movies and its the number one reason for procrastination.
If it wasn’t for good books, I’d be watching even more TV. But books are even better.
My blood type is “0-” so if you need any, let me know.
I am not good at sports and tend to get picked last. I do try though… I even go to the gym.
I speak 5 language fluently, but I heard a human brain can easily handle 8 so I would like to learn Arabic, Japanese and Swedish.
I do not want to know my carbon footprint of this year, but I will plant some trees to off-set all those flights.
All my family is in Germany, but my friends are all over the world. I am not sure where I want to live next.

Last, but not least: I am hoping to make a difference. Some difference. In someones life. Something that made someone happy. Something that made life worthwhile. Maybe it be super little, at least its something.

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